Starting October 7th, proof of vaccination will be required to enter the lounge. Learn more about our updated purr-cedures here.


Thank You for your interest in volunteering with Feline Good Social Club  

We currently have the following volunteer opportunities available:

Foster Volunteers

If you would like to provide a foster home for cats or kittens, we can help you out.  Some kitties need extra time and attention before they’re ready to be shown in public.  As a foster home, you would provide food, litter and a safe place with as much love and attention as you can spare. 

Cat Lounge Crew Members 

The most popular volunteer service is of course hanging out with our cats and customers as a Cat Lounge Crew Member.  At this time we have some spots open for 2022 Cat Lounge Crew members to join our team. If you are interested in joining the Crew; send us an email letting us know you are interested and available to volunteer onsite 6 hours per month minimum.

Other Volunteer Opportunities With Us

The following areas are still open for interested & experienced volunteers who can support any of the below areas 5-8 hours per month and can be performed remotely:

Business Development
Community Relations
Social Media 
Please note that although the above opportunities can be performed remotely; local candidates are a requirement as much of what we do at the lounge will necessitate a quarterly onsite meeting.


Interested in Helping Us Out with any of the above open volunteer opportunities? Email us at:  info@felinegoodsocialclub!