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Fur-ever Home Update: Pawley Loves Mail Trucks!

We love hearing happy tails about our former FGSC cats! So you can imagine our excitement when we received this update from Cheryl and Cooper, who adopted Pawley from our Lounge: 

Hi there!

I was just smiling because Pawley heard the mail truck and came galloping from the kitchen to the front door to see if we were getting a visitor. Thank you again for such a wonderful kitty! She is a lovebug, so curious about everything and everyone, and has a big, giant purr. She’s such a delight in my life.

In addition to mail trucks, Pawley also enjoys laps, knitting, and of course, a nice cat nap.



The FGSC team is so happy to hear about Pawley’s enthusiasm for mail trucks and how much joy she brings to her fur-ever owners.

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