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Check Out this Cat-tastic Mural!

We at FGSC could not be more excited about the mural painted on our outside wall! For those of you who have been to our lounge, you’ve no doubt seen the incredible mural we already have inside, painted by local Long Beach artist, WhosVlad.

“It’s true that from good comes good – and we do a lot of good here – for cats, and people, too,” said Pam Leslie, owner of FGSC. “The first proof of that came from the mural artist [WhosVlad] who wanted to create more beauty in our space and designed our Cool Cats mural. I love that mural every day!”

But that wasn’t the last that FGSC would see of WhosVlad.

“Then he came back to do more work for us – this time outside and this time as a contribution – no charge,” continued Leslie. “He created this lovely piece of a joyous girl loving cats and ‘Feline Good.’ The art itself is beautiful, bright and so eye-catching. You can’t pass by here without taking notice – and people who take notice will become our customers. What a generous thing he did for us!”

Take a look for yourself – the vibrant colors and attention to detail are breathtaking. In fact, can you spot how many kitties are in the mural?

Huge thanks to WhosVlad for giving FGSC this amazing piece of artwork!

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