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A Double Dose of Happy!

A year ago; Mita (formerly known as Drako) and Papa Boi (formerly known as Apollo) were adopted together into a loving home! We recently received updates on how the two have adapted to living in a multi-pet household and just how grateful the Hazzard family are for their two Feline Good Social Club furbabies.

Papa Boi has attempted to befriend his new sibling; (a cattle dog), by running over to her, plopping himself close to her and purring nonstop.  Their cattle dog however doesn’t really like getting close to anyone much & prefers plenty of personal space and whenever possible she moved far away from Papa Boi and his antics many, many times. BUT; this does not stop Papa Boi from trying to win her over in his constant, adorable way and he even tried chasing her and pretty soon she was chasing him right back.  Papa Boi has become her new favorite kitty.

Mita, known as the little posh ninja for her quick appearance and sudden disappearance, loves to play with kids and is picky about who she makes biscuits for. 

Thereasa Hazzard wrote:  “They are both so much fun and it’s really a treat seeing them chase and be chased by their tortie sisters. Kinda like the Kitty Grand Prix!  Thank you for allowing us to adopt them as I couldn’t see life without them!”

Happy One Year to Mita and Papa Boi in their furever home and Thank You to the Hazzard family for sharing your Happy Tail with us!


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