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Our First Foster

Our First Foster

Meet our 1st Foster; Julie.  Julie grew up in an animal-loving family and beside cats, they had dogs, rabbits, hamsters, rats, and tortoises but cats were always her favorite. That love of cats inspired Julie to foster kittens in Orange County for almost 10 years before joining Feline Good Social Club (FGSC) in March of 2019.



Julie’s involvement with FGSC came about when a friend forwarded an online article about the Cat Lounge and she felt drawn to volunteer. The idea of being involved in this unique and fun setting to help find forever homes for cats within her own community really appealed to her.  So, she signed up to attend an orientation and it was there that she spoke to a founding partner about fostering.  Soon after she was approved to foster and, guess what? She loved it! Julie became the awesome foster for MamaSita, Asia, Indie, and Enid.


Foster kitten Asia


For Julie, and other volunteers, what makes FGSC different from other adoption organizations is the opportunity to spend quality time with the cats and kittens in a warm, comfortable, playful environment. This same ambience is equally important for potential adopters as the lounge provides a wonderful opportunity to truly connect, hang out with and get to know each cat 1 on 1. It’s the purrfect addition to the Long Beach community.


Foster kitten Indie


Julie has first-hand experience with FGSC now and feels that it will be a great place to make friends while relaxing and cuddling with kitties.  For potential adopters, it is also a supportive and enjoyable place to find the perfect addition to one’s own family. Since the cats are loving socialized to become adoptable, they walk, play, run and roam freely and feel relaxed enough to let their special little personalities shine through. So, if you’re looking to add to your family in the form of a kitty, are looking to become a foster or wish to support this amazing endeavor, come visit us at the Feline Good Social Club.


Foster cat Mamasita

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