Starting October 7th, proof of vaccination will be required to enter the lounge. Learn more about our updated purr-cedures here.

COVID-19 Procedures


The city of Long Beach has issued new health orders requiring Feline Good Social Club to update our requirements for entering the lounge.

Fully vaccinated guests who provide proof of full vaccination will not be required to wear a mask.  Without proof of vaccination or unvaccinated guests must wear masks while in the Lounge.

For more information, please review the current City of Long Beach Health Order for Control of Covid-19 on the city's website:

Cleanliness has always been a top priority at our lounge, but we’ve stepped up our protocols to ensure your visit is safe. In addition to our increased cleaning and facility upgrades, we’ve made noticeable changes to our procedures for the well-being of our customers.


Before your visit...

    Our reduced capacity complies with current COVID-19 guidelines. We have reduced the number of onsite staff to better accommodate social distancing.

    All sessions start ONLY at the top of the hour during business hours. Each session has been reduced to 50 minutes to allow us time to sanitize at the end of every hour.

    All guests must book a session online before entering. A session can be booked last-minute as long as the lounge isn't full.

      In the lounge...

      Masks must be worn by all guests without proof of vaccination. Masks are optional but recommended for fully vaccinated guests.  

      Up to twenty (20) guests are currently allowed at the lounge at once, in accordance with current COVID-19 guidelines.

      There are numerous hand sanitizer stations located throughout the lounge. Guests are also welcome to wash their hands at the sink on the back wall. 

        During and after your session...

        Onsite purchases of merchandise must be completed online before the end of your session. If the purchase is completed during your visit, your purchase will be available for pick up when you leave.

        Our strict cleaning procedures require guests to leave the lounge immediately once their session is over. Guests will be notified five minutes before the end of their session. Our volunteers will assist each guest group to exit with appropriate social distancing. 

        Detailed cleaning procedures will be performed during the last ten minutes of each hour.